flow. golden flow.

Go with the flow.
Don’t push and strain.

Hard work gets stuff done for sure.
But it also serves to generate more of the same.


So sniff out the easy path.
The least resisting route.
The smooth journey to the top.
(Wherever on heaven and earth the top may be).

Be still.
And, in the still of your heart.
Allow the answers to come.

Getting away from that constant chitter-chatter within will serve you well in this.

And then certainly try not to resist the way the flow is nudging you and cajoling you and willing you on.

Feels scary that way?
For sure it might.
But fear is an illusion.
Sensations and stories and old methods on loop.

You’ve got to break the cycle sometime.
May as well be now.

The natural flow of creation is unstoppable.
Powerful energy that keeps on rolling on and on and on.

So, why resist?

Jump in.
Aim your feet downstream.
And enjoy the ride.

See that rainbow overhead?
There’s gold at the end.
Just within reach.

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Accept This.

“You should write – you should work – you should sit and meditate – you should get this chore done – that chore done – you should exercise – you should do yoga – you should organise – you should call – you should should should should should.”

This moment is perfect. However it feels. And whatever you do to try and change how you feel, or to fix something, or be in conflict with what IS right now, will just create more conflict and discomfort.

So stop. Descend into the body. And breathe.

Accept. Accept. Accept. Everything. As it is.
All of it.
The feelings and brain activity and sensations and urges and energetic surges and every last little bit of stuff.

Accept it all.

Then maybe the thoughts and feelings and will quieten and peace will arise.
Or maybe not.

That doesn’t matter either.


feels & fuel

  • Fear is a sensation, fuelled by thought.
  • Sadness is a feeling, fuelled by thought.
  • Craving is a feeling, fuelled by thought.
  • Anger and frustration are feelings, fuelled by thought.

The trigger to each of these isn’t easily deduced – and it matters not.

It may be a thought, a sight, a sound, a hormone, an energetic wave, a touch, or something eaten that starts the feeling in the body. Or maybe the feeling just arose.

Where it starts is not relevant. What we do with it is the key.

To observe the feeling, without reaction, with rolling into thought, this is the key to change, to release, to equanimity. And if it stays awhile, that’s all just ok too.

The breath helps.

And it’s ok, you know, to just have these feelings, you’re allowed, they’re allowed, to just be there, it’s not a sign of failure, no negative points score is being amassed, you can just be, just like this, all ok, allowed, free.

Free to be. Whatever you feel. Right here. Right now.

a little recipe


Feel the emotions of the final goal. The dream.
Make it real in your mind. A clear vision. And feeeeeel it.

Then focus on the next action.
Take one step.
Don’t worry about the result.

How you get to the final goal is not relevant.
The universe will handle that.

The next step is possible.
A vision of the final goal is possible.
Filling in everything in between… well, madness that way lies.