Feel more. See more. Allow more. (Judge less).

Practice self-awareness and day by day you will see yourself more.
And you will know yourself more.

You will come to know and understand your weak points.
As the aches and pains naturally bubble to the surface.

It’s good practice to become ‘OK’ with things that arise in you. To allow yourself to feel stress and anger and irritation and fear and all the gritty emotions that can seem so unspiritual.

By the simple act of allowing (which is far from simple), all this stuff will pass after some time.

If you write stories about how you feel, and continue to roll in emotion about what you are thinking, that will just keep it there all day.

Letting it be ‘OK’ means it can and does shift.


Be patient.

It’s a long journey.  Or many journeys.  Or one journey with a million chapters.

No matter.

Be patient.  With yourself.  With others.  With the unfolding of this present drama.

And move slow my love move slow with love and love yourself more and more.