War is over.

Accepted. Allowed.

Every feeling. Every sensation.

Accepted. Allowed.

Every root of a germ of a thought that begins to hint to arise.

Accepted. Allowed.

Every image.
Every urge to repeat.
Every creeping feeling of sick death.
Every vibrant somatic surge that rocks you back on your heels and causes your jaw to spasm and twitch.

Accept it. Smile softly at it.
It is allowed.

Bright yellow light. Your choice to embrace. Accept. Allow. Step forward. Into it all. Raise your weapon. Your equanimous mind. Or, when it just gets way too too much, just breathe. In. And Out.

Sometimes all you can do is breathe.

Accepted. Allowed.

WHATEVER IT IS… it’s temporary. Anicca. Let’s see how long this lasts.

No need to recoil in horror. Certainly not try to push it away. For what you resist simply persists.

That ugly image. Don’t push it away. You cannot find release by fighting it.

That horrid thought. Don’t wrestle with it. It’s allowed. To just be there.

Your choice to engage with this and that and the other – even your failed choice – no recrimination – so you repeated and played out something mundane – something horrifying – something egoic – anything… you played it out – but now you can accept that. That fact. That happened. But right now, what is happening?? Accept and Allow.

This moment Is as It Is.

Adrenalin. Allowed.
Panic. Allowed.
Anger. Allowed.

But not to externalise and act.

Accepted Allowed. The best and the worst – and everything that lies in between.

There’s nothing you can’t handle – nothing you do not need – it’s all good. It’s a beautiful day. And god’s got this. All of this. These feelings – thoughts – processes inside and out. Coming at you and welling up in you, because now is the time. For all this to be here. So Accept and Allow. You’re a big boy girl now. Take it on the chin. In the gut. In the cerebral cortex. And in your belly and toes. Accept and Allow. Ride it. Wave by wave. Scream by sob. But never resisting too long. You got this. It’s nothing you cannot handle. It’s just what you need. Trust. Accept. And Allow.

If you don’t, it will just come knocking on your door in a different way on a another day.

These messengers just want your acceptance. Your love. Your kindness. So sit with them. Allow them to have their time. To hear their say.

Accepted and Allowed. All things. Every day.



This moment.

Feels a bit like teetering on a balance board – rocking this way and that – into future and past and all around the world inside out and back again.

I vowed to try and live in the present moment a few years ago.

It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

And now I realise that I have been drifting in and out of it. With big excursions into past and future – worry, hope, measurement and fear – and everything in between.

So now I Stay Very Present. To this breath. That breath. Gently anchoring my being to a tighter and tighter more closely defined place of eternal magnitude and stillness.

Feels somewhat like trying to balance a stick on my finger.

So I use more and more focal points – as listed previously – a toolbox of techniques.

Gotta keep it relaxed. Calm. Patient. Focussed. Accepting.

I know I’m missing the point.  Kinda.   Hmm…  This one is gonna run and run…

It’s easy.

…to Stay Very Present when everything is just feeling lovely – good and relaxed.

It’s when the next waves start to crash – the thoughts begin to dig and poke – the bodily sensations rise up and grab, burn and flash – that’s when the challenge is much bigger – the stakes higher – the rewards greater.

It’s now that it’s good to remind yourself that:

  • There is no value in replaying the past
  • You have proven that today’s mental OCD material is tomorrow’s chip paper
  • The only viable way to ‘break’ the cycle is to get out from between your ears…
    • less thinking – more focus on the body, the breath, the mantra, the sensations, the actions you are currently undertaking, the words you are listening to, the sights and sounds and smells and and and ANYTHING that pulls the energy away from the conscious mind – to quieten it – to allow the other energetic centres to light up
    • create
    • serve
    • call a friend and REALLY LISTEN
    • chop – clean – polish

And, all the while, with a great deal of gentle love and patience and acceptance of the storm. And the craving of those seeds of thoughts that are shouting in the room next door.

So do Stay Very Present. And your noisy mind may quieten down.

You could even begin to hear god. Whispering through the winds.





…are just movie sets – traces – fakery – reimagined and replayed projections.

Most of what you are remembering is the memory, not the event. We just replay and adjust and rememorise our old memories many times.

No matter. Much of it is lovely or neutral.

But the icky stuff, well, you can relax and let it roll through you. It is not real. It has no substance. It’s just a trace – a groove in your mind. A construct of mental paint and plaster.

And, by letting it roll through without reacting to it, without trying to push it away, it softens and weakens.

Conversely, if you squirm and fight, trying to push it away, you strengthen it.

Do Not Think about the yellow car… stop thinking about the YELLOW CAR…

Hmm… that’s not going to work now, is it?

So let the memories come. Whatever they hold. And smile, breathe, soften to the process as they drift through and away. Lessening each time.


I face you.

Dear OCD.

Today I say “Stay Very Present”. Again and again. A gentle but firm mantra. Strongly chosen. But also delivered with a great deal of love and patience.

Today I choose to stay present. And not rethink stuff that is of no value.

I step forward with strength and presence and yellow light.

Thank you. That I Stay Very Present.

Thank you. That I AM Very Present.

8.36pm – and it’s going very well.


…take my hand – and hold my heart – and let’s learn how to feel.

Feel everything

Engage the senses

Use thankfulness


Body scan

Call someone


Chop vegetables


KNOW there’s no sense in repeating past thoughts – or thinking into the future.

What you’re feeling is not an invitation to think – It’s an invitation to the heart – or anywhere but the head – all the chakras – use them.

You are invited, by these sensations feelings and germs of thoughts, into the present moment and into the core of your being.

Fear will arise. Fear will wane. Fear demands fuel. Fear cannot live in the light of your presence, as you learn how to feel without thought.