feels & fuel

  • Fear is a sensation, fuelled by thought.
  • Sadness is a feeling, fuelled by thought.
  • Craving is a feeling, fuelled by thought.
  • Anger and frustration are feelings, fuelled by thought.

The trigger to each of these isn’t easily deduced – and it matters not.

It may be a thought, a sight, a sound, a hormone, an energetic wave, a touch, or something eaten that starts the feeling in the body. Or maybe the feeling just arose.

Where it starts is not relevant. What we do with it is the key.

To observe the feeling, without reaction, with rolling into thought, this is the key to change, to release, to equanimity. And if it stays awhile, that’s all just ok too.

The breath helps.

And it’s ok, you know, to just have these feelings, you’re allowed, they’re allowed, to just be there, it’s not a sign of failure, no negative points score is being amassed, you can just be, just like this, all ok, allowed, free.

Free to be. Whatever you feel. Right here. Right now.


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