Day 1

It’s January 20th 2017. America has a new president. And I have been developing new life in this big, big country, non-stop for over a year now.

I watched some ‘personal development’ videos recently.  I was struck by the use of ‘feeling’ to increase the power of manifestation.

To begin by feeling the pain and dislike and negative emotional state of something – to then move to seeing the solution – and then to see AND FEEL the solution and the glorious vision of the future.

Not to be scared of the negative or to try and flee or suppress or or or… but to start there, to make that the impetus, oomph and fuel for the new state of mind and heart. And to transmit that out there (or simply to increase my attention and belief – it matters not if it’s ‘magic’ or nature).

So I am manifesting a powerful wonderful liberating successful and thoroughly healthy voice-career that helps and heal this universe and beyond. (Coupled with writing. Teaching. Travel. Cycling. Everythinging.)

I see the studio of the future forming in my mind’s eye, but, more importantly, I am now feeling the tingling thrill of what is being made.