Accept This.

“You should write – you should work – you should sit and meditate – you should get this chore done – that chore done – you should exercise – you should do yoga – you should organise – you should call – you should should should should should.”

This moment is perfect. However it feels. And whatever you do to try and change how you feel, or to fix something, or be in conflict with what IS right now, will just create more conflict and discomfort.

So stop. Descend into the body. And breathe.

Accept. Accept. Accept. Everything. As it is.
All of it.
The feelings and brain activity and sensations and urges and energetic surges and every last little bit of stuff.

Accept it all.

Then maybe the thoughts and feelings and will quieten and peace will arise.
Or maybe not.

That doesn’t matter either.



feels & fuel

  • Fear is a sensation, fuelled by thought.
  • Sadness is a feeling, fuelled by thought.
  • Craving is a feeling, fuelled by thought.
  • Anger and frustration are feelings, fuelled by thought.

The trigger to each of these isn’t easily deduced – and it matters not.

It may be a thought, a sight, a sound, a hormone, an energetic wave, a touch, or something eaten that starts the feeling in the body. Or maybe the feeling just arose.

Where it starts is not relevant. What we do with it is the key.

To observe the feeling, without reaction, with rolling into thought, this is the key to change, to release, to equanimity. And if it stays awhile, that’s all just ok too.

The breath helps.

And it’s ok, you know, to just have these feelings, you’re allowed, they’re allowed, to just be there, it’s not a sign of failure, no negative points score is being amassed, you can just be, just like this, all ok, allowed, free.

Free to be. Whatever you feel. Right here. Right now.

a little recipe


Feel the emotions of the final goal. The dream.
Make it real in your mind. A clear vision. And feeeeeel it.

Then focus on the next action.
Take one step.
Don’t worry about the result.

How you get to the final goal is not relevant.
The universe will handle that.

The next step is possible.
A vision of the final goal is possible.
Filling in everything in between… well, madness that way lies.


Day 1

It’s January 20th 2017. America has a new president. And I have been developing new life in this big, big country, non-stop for over a year now.

I watched some ‘personal development’ videos recently.  I was struck by the use of ‘feeling’ to increase the power of manifestation.

To begin by feeling the pain and dislike and negative emotional state of something – to then move to seeing the solution – and then to see AND FEEL the solution and the glorious vision of the future.

Not to be scared of the negative or to try and flee or suppress or or or… but to start there, to make that the impetus, oomph and fuel for the new state of mind and heart. And to transmit that out there (or simply to increase my attention and belief – it matters not if it’s ‘magic’ or nature).

So I am manifesting a powerful wonderful liberating successful and thoroughly healthy voice-career that helps and heal this universe and beyond. (Coupled with writing. Teaching. Travel. Cycling. Everythinging.)

I see the studio of the future forming in my mind’s eye, but, more importantly, I am now feeling the tingling thrill of what is being made.



The next thing.

Stress – fear – projecting into the future – anxiety – overwhelm – too much too many too too too lots of things to get done to achieve the longterm…

Accept where you are.
Right now.
The emptiness of this moment.

And do the next thing.

After taking a few very mindful in and out breaths, of course.

Just that.

Else risk getting trapped in future imagining – or procrastination in the now – all avoidance of getting on with it.

Whatever IT is.



Begin to see how feelings of sadness make you write a sad story in your head.

Begin to see how feelings of irritation and anger make you write stories and lash out, seeking someone or something to blame.

Begin to see how self-pity rolls on into a negative spiral of thoughts and feelings.

And see how all of the stuff you label as ‘negative’, that rises up in waves, has the potential to get stuck in a loop, as you fuel it with thought.

And, of course, how those feelings and stories can cause you to shift to obsessive mental processes as you seek to unpick the material – attaching false importance to it.

So, once more, breathe. And if you can interrupt this process by mindful observation, without jumping to past or future, you can remain very present – and THIS allows the knots in your being to untie. Burning off into the ether.

These waves have got to come. You’re ready for them now.

Just this time, let them flow, surf them, they are in a constant state of flux.
And ultimately they are exceptionally healing.


The best measure of your ‘success’ is your level of equanimity.

Don’t try to hold a position – or try to be happy – or try to maintain a feeling of peace.

It’s just not possible.

What you can ‘try’ to do is observe every changing phenomena  with the same loving detached interest. No craving. No aversion. No clinging. No push. No pull.

Every little thing that passes through – give it a nod and a wave – a smile and a wink – a bow and a courtesy – just acknowledge it.  It’s a passenger.  It’s a spacecraft.  It’s a shooting star of stuff invisible.

Feels so tangible at times.

It ain’t.

The ONLY way you know right now how to be happy be peaceful be with yourself, is to observe the flow of things… passing you by on that conveyor belt…

And when all that trying to hold a certain feeling or position is dropped – when you don’t mind what happens – then funnily enough, that is when you feel peace anyway.

A deep peace.  That transcends all the stuff and matter and sensations and thoughts and blah blah blah… a new peace.