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You can set your intent.
You can make plans.
You can learn techniques and practice skills.
You can do the action.
You can try and try again.

But ultimately, you have no control over the result.

So why do we get so hung up on ‘success’ and ‘failure’?

Are they real? Or just states of imagination and feeling that we conjure up in our search for identity? Are they just a stick we use to measure (and beat) the ego? All washed down with a big dose of fear.

Fear of lack. Of loss. Of separation. Of annihilation.

What if we could be positive, set our intent, act strongly with thankfulness and vigour, and then just let it go. Turning our head away and not even watching to see if the ball crossed the line or not.

How would that affect our ability to act again and again in the same positive manner, without thought of failure or loss that creates self-doubt?

Might it not keep our energy levels higher and our hearts and minds set more brightly on the next task at hand.

It would certainly save a lot of energy, keep us worrying less and smiling more.



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