Focus. Wider.

The here and now is a good place to be. To aim. To focus.
With a clear acceptance of what is arising, moment by moment.

But some danger lies in getting too wrapped up in the minute detail of feeling and action, cause and effect, moment by moment.
With measurement and expectation starting to bog us down by occupying too much of the conscious mind and feeling heart.

It’s all too easy to get too wrapped up in What Is Going On.
And measuring everything in unnecessary detail.

The words of a conversation. The interactions in a class. The events of  day. And even the broader brushstrokes of a week. They can all take up too much of our attention and bring heartache if we deem them ‘unsatisfactory’.

But sometimes, step back. Look wide and long and deep. See the flow of your months and years, your last decade. And then the measurement has more value. With the power to inspire gratitude and renewed vigour to move forward in a similar vein, or to make those bigger changes that will shape the next ten years.

Always remembering that we cannot fathom the intricate flow of events unfolding in the moment. That the bigger picture is far more convoluted than our minds can fathom.

Don’t miss the stunning panorama by always looking at just one tree.

Your life if bigger than that.
Sweeping. Majestic.
And worthy of patience and a healthy dose of awe.