Think Less. Feel More.

The words were clear and directive. The intent pure. The message came from another angle, a sled of granite, riding deep into conscious and unconscious mind.

The journey to heart continues. The mind a troublesome bedfellow. Always tripping you up. Repeating and replaying. Pulling you into past and future. Niggling and nagging and bullying and Just Trying To Keep You Safe. When safety is not an issue. Never was. Never will be.

The issue is one of opening. Against the grain. The learned responses of past decades being put aside. Not easy. But path is path. Follow or surrender.

Time to soften and melt. To allow the somatic flow to untie you. The realisation that all the feelings, the sensations, the emotional and energetic flows are the path to god.

Are god itself.

So think less. Feel more.

Your practice is this.


Find your path. Then walk on it.

There are many ways up the mountain.

Try them. Discuss them. Change them. Amalgamate them. Experiment with them.

Find what works for you now. And do that.

Just be mindful that you’re not hurting anyone in the process. (Including yourself)

The definition of madness is simply walking round and around the foot of the mountain, shouting abuse at everyone who is finding their path.

Mt Charleston 2017