in out in out (shake it all about)

It’s becoming clearer.
That there’s a flow.  An order.  A way of being.
A ‘how stuff works’ that was always hidden away, lurking behind worry, fear, doubt, egoic self-preservation and a large dose of cynicism.

  You gotta put stuff out there.

Sounds simple.   But it never has been.
It means stepping up. Being brave. Overcoming inertia. And taking some risks.

The still small inner voice shouted at me.
        “Output!    Output!    Output!    That’s what keeps things flowing in, in, in!”

And it’s also how the stuff that no longer serves you is going to depart, on the breath of your words, creations, pictures, sounds, and actions [or whatever is relevant to you].

A healthy, cathartic removal system that simply relies on mindful action.

Being actively thoughtful and thoughtfully active.
With a little less thought. And a lot more feeling.

Put stuff OUT THERE!



Whatever comes to mind – or heart – or skin.

And it can be tangible, intangible, or a tangerine.
>>> [again, please insert what’s relevant to you as I’m just talking to my own stuff here.]
Creative projects. Words and pictures. Digital and print.
Voice files and web pages.
Ideas, thoughts, and energies.
Paint and coffee grounds.
And lots of kindness, love, listening, care, service and generous giving of your time, money, gifts, thoughtfulness and attention.

By putting stuff out there you get the flow flowing.
Put out and receive back.
So then you can give even more.

The perpetual loop of universal creativity.

From big bang to cataclysmic collapse to the next radical expansion.
Looping round and around in infinite creative wisdom.

“Output!    Output!    Output!”    (The voice rhythmically keeps on keeping on.)

So do it!


(Ok. I Will)






sometimes the flow feels turbulent. the efforts driven with bands of edginess and slices of mustdo. sometimes the feet race ahead and leave the head behind. uncomfy. troublesome. to feel the agitation and pockets of rage. irritation. life speckled and wearisome. can’t be bothered. but just can’t stop.

then stop.

do stop.

the flow isn’t this. the flow is that. over there.
that current rushing along. with blissful intensity. loud roar of welcome.
honourable discharging of all duties allowed to flow and flow. go and go.

trust the universe to know the way.
cease all the trouble and strive.
the belief that pure willpower and movement will bring you all that you want.
it can’t. it shan’t.

only the unseen can fulfill all dreams.
the imagined becoming real.
the dream solidifying from the ether as synaptic traces gel with energetic waves invisible.

trust the process. the flow. the roll.
your journey is not created with hammer and nail.
you didn’t get this far by your own fair hand. no no.

you make it real through peace. serenity. feeling the wave. gently rising to you feet. and breathing gently as you take thoughtful mindful step and action in the way of its kind urging.

simply stopping may not be easy. so slow. slow. s l o w.
take breath. sit awhile. feel the embrace of the comfortable truth of your existence.

the simple somatic pulse of your being.

nothing you do can create a thing.
but every time you be, galaxies take form.

so be. be still.

and remember who you are. feel who you are. enjoy who you are. know who you are.

those tingles are the fairy dust of creation.

Nine Steps to Heaven.

1. Accept

Accept what is.
The feelings and thoughts. The good. The bad. The neutral.
The disquiet in your being. That weird, uncomfortable stuff in your head.
The sensations in your body.
And everything that is present in your life right now.

This second. Accept it all. And stop writing all those stories in your head. The ‘poor me, pity me’ does nothing but bring you more of the same. And anger, well, it will keep boiling in your synapses for as long as you feed it with thoughts that are just fuel to its fire.

The reality is, as it is. And not just when it’s to your liking.
Accept it, with all the equanimity you can muster.

Any other way is madness.

2. Thank

Say thanks for the good stuff in your life right now.

  • The simple things you take for granted, like the sun in the sky, the air you breathe and the life in your veins.
  • The bigger creations, such as the clothes you wear, the money in your wallet, the home you live in and the car you drive.
  • The relationships you have, your friends and family. Pets you love. Pastimes you indulge in.

Say thanks. Again and again. And begin to feel the appreciation and gratitude welling up inside you.

3. Add

Add positive things to your day.

It can be as simple as drinking a little more water or going for a walk, to reading a book that lifts your spirits or listening to music that makes you smile to your toes. And as you do so, seek out those things that make you feel good to the core. Paint a picture. Bake some bread. Plant seeds in your garden. Or dance, all alone in your room.

Exercise can be wonderful. And the stretching, strengthening, breath work, body awareness, and mental-emotional-spiritual self development that yoga brings is to be applauded.

Add positive stuff. The good stuff.

Don’t try to push out and wrestle to the ground all those things that you like to do which you know cause you harm. Instead, add good things, and keep on adding. You may find the ‘bad stuff’ has less room now, and begins to get squeezed out, naturally.

4. Align

By now you’ve maybe discovered that acceptance, thankfulness and the adding of good stuff to your day, is making you feel better than you did before.

You are naturally aligning with the order of things – the ‘way things are’.

Maybe you also find you are living and behaving in ways that don’t jar with ‘how things work’. You are choosing food that is good for you, thoughts that uplift you, physical actions that benefit you – and those around you.

This is alignment, of your BODY, your MIND, your SPIRIT.

Of it all.

5. Flow

The universe is bigger than you are.
It has been creating  beautiful stuff for a very long time.
The natural order of things is creation, abundance, change, movement and flow.

And you are part of this.

You ARE this.

So begin to allow yourself to go with the flow.
Finding the smooth path, the easy route and the sunny side of the street, in all that you do.

Drop the struggle. Stop the fight. Lose the pain in your gain.

Sniff out the downstream flow. Jump in. Aim your feet. And let the mighty current carry you on. No need to flap and struggle and try to swim against the current. You’ll lose.

6. Act

Step forth with inspired action.

Walk boldly in the direction of your dreams.

Lovingly push some doors and shake some trees.

All the while listening intently to the still, small voice inside. The one that KNOWS what to say. KNOWS what to think. KNOWS what to do. KNOWS how to act.

7. Create

The universe is a very creative place. From myriad stars to the subatomic wonders of inner space (and everything in between).

And as you focus on gratitude and positive action, you continue this process of creation.

It’s why you’re here.

8. Trust

The order of the universe, the law of how things work, is infallible.


So trust this process.

Utterly. Entirely.

The very essence of this trust is a great force for good – of creation – and the attractor of more abundance into your life.

9. Remember

Always remember who you are.

What you are.

And that everything is,

(and always will be),

just as it should be.