sometimes the flow feels turbulent. the efforts driven with bands of edginess and slices of mustdo. sometimes the feet race ahead and leave the head behind. uncomfy. troublesome. to feel the agitation and pockets of rage. irritation. life speckled and wearisome. can’t be bothered. but just can’t stop.

then stop.

do stop.

the flow isn’t this. the flow is that. over there.
that current rushing along. with blissful intensity. loud roar of welcome.
honourable discharging of all duties allowed to flow and flow. go and go.

trust the universe to know the way.
cease all the trouble and strive.
the belief that pure willpower and movement will bring you all that you want.
it can’t. it shan’t.

only the unseen can fulfill all dreams.
the imagined becoming real.
the dream solidifying from the ether as synaptic traces gel with energetic waves invisible.

trust the process. the flow. the roll.
your journey is not created with hammer and nail.
you didn’t get this far by your own fair hand. no no.

you make it real through peace. serenity. feeling the wave. gently rising to you feet. and breathing gently as you take thoughtful mindful step and action in the way of its kind urging.

simply stopping may not be easy. so slow. slow. s l o w.
take breath. sit awhile. feel the embrace of the comfortable truth of your existence.

the simple somatic pulse of your being.

nothing you do can create a thing.
but every time you be, galaxies take form.

so be. be still.

and remember who you are. feel who you are. enjoy who you are. know who you are.

those tingles are the fairy dust of creation.


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