You know what to do.

You are energy. You are flow. You are godparticleglue.
Remember who you are – and tune in.  Just tune in.  And go with the flow.
No upstream. No strive. No need must should.

Just be.
As you are.
Eternal. Pure. Creative Energy in the stream of universal flow.

Choices abound.

The choice to think this thought. To dwell on it.
To allow positive feelings to arise, fuelled by these thoughts.

To choice to feel these feelings. To dwell in them.
To allow positive thoughts to arise, fuelled by these feelings.

And to speak words of truth. Fuelled by these thoughts and feelings.
Bringing fresh energy to the goodness as it bubbles up inside you.

And from these thoughts, feelings and words, to then act.
With inspired movement.
In the flow, the fast flow, the ebb and flow, but always downstream, feet pointed forward, sparkle wind swept foam rushing past your ears.

And you create.

Thoughts & Feelings.
The transmission of creation. The attractor of like and like and like.

The intent. The rocketshipgas.

Step forward.
The path appears under your feet, moment by moment.

You know what to do.
And you know what helps this flow.
You gradually feel the need to work with the body, the mind, the breath, the diet, the clean intake of a toxic free life, in substance and image and pastime and and and.

You know what to do.
Because you know who you are.

You’ve just got to remember. Remember. Remember.


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