Begin to see how feelings of sadness make you write a sad story in your head.

Begin to see how feelings of irritation and anger make you write stories and lash out, seeking someone or something to blame.

Begin to see how self-pity rolls on into a negative spiral of thoughts and feelings.

And see how all of the stuff you label as ‘negative’, that rises up in waves, has the potential to get stuck in a loop, as you fuel it with thought.

And, of course, how those feelings and stories can cause you to shift to obsessive mental processes as you seek to unpick the material – attaching false importance to it.

So, once more, breathe. And if you can interrupt this process by mindful observation, without jumping to past or future, you can remain very present – and THIS allows the knots in your being to untie. Burning off into the ether.

These waves have got to come. You’re ready for them now.

Just this time, let them flow, surf them, they are in a constant state of flux.
And ultimately they are exceptionally healing.


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