The best measure of your ‘success’ is your level of equanimity.

Don’t try to hold a position – or try to be happy – or try to maintain a feeling of peace.

It’s just not possible.

What you can ‘try’ to do is observe every changing phenomena  with the same loving detached interest. No craving. No aversion. No clinging. No push. No pull.

Every little thing that passes through – give it a nod and a wave – a smile and a wink – a bow and a courtesy – just acknowledge it.  It’s a passenger.  It’s a spacecraft.  It’s a shooting star of stuff invisible.

Feels so tangible at times.

It ain’t.

The ONLY way you know right now how to be happy be peaceful be with yourself, is to observe the flow of things… passing you by on that conveyor belt…

And when all that trying to hold a certain feeling or position is dropped – when you don’t mind what happens – then funnily enough, that is when you feel peace anyway.

A deep peace.  That transcends all the stuff and matter and sensations and thoughts and blah blah blah… a new peace.



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