don’t judge.

don’t judge others.  or write stories about them.  or put yourself in a superior position in your head.  they’re just another version of you.  or maybe showing you some unmet part of you that wants to say hi.

don’t expect or ask them to be different.  don’t put them in a position of ‘not being good enough’ or needing them to be anything other than what they are in this moment.

whole. perfect. neutral.

you are not the judge and jury.  you are not here to change anyone.  do not look upon another and list the ‘faults’ that you see.  you are not seeing faults.  you are seeing your own knots.  your unhealed reactions.  your darkness exposed by the light of them as a mirror.

see yourself.  see your pain.  see your anxiety.  see your need to be greater than they, to guard you from your own false-feared-annihilation.

and see yourself as one.       with them.
and all beings.      and all things.


likewise – don’t then judge yourself.
be kind. be soft.
be slow to react to your own stuff as it rises up.    > hotfacedvolcano <

my love.



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