accept it.

accept it all.

exactly as it is.

that feeling. that surge. that germ of a thought. those physical sensations. that ache. that pain. that tingle. accept it.

what he said. what she says. however it makes you feel.

do the world a big fat favour and do not ask of it to change. in any way. at all.

and don’s ask them to change. not one jot. just accept whatever is passing through your space right now. from wherever whatever whenever source.

it all has something to teach you. but don’t worry about what that might be.

it’s not for your to create thoughts and mental constructs and ‘work it all out’


don’t try to ‘put it all in its place – tidy it all away – compare and balance and have your opinion – slot it into your world view – or hold your position’ nope nope nope… making sense of it is futile and not to your benefit – or to the benefit of those around you.

it is just what it is.
this is it.
nothing more.
nothing less.

balancing all those thoughts and ideas and feelings and sensations and trying to keep all the things in a holding pattern that is comfortable to you right now is just going to fail.

because it’s all in a state of constant flux.

you can’t hold the world still, in your hands.  it’s alive.

nature. perfect.

so, let’s just keep it all very basic. simple. physical. body and breath.

and away from that mind of yours that is just going to write stories. and keep you away from the truth and lessons of existence in this very second.

does that thing annoy you? really get under your skin? ok. let it be. and observe the sensations on your body instead.

can’t handle that? too gritty and hot uncomfy? then focus your attention on the breath.

still feel terrible? that’s ok. accept that too.

this sound. that thought. those words. all the feelings. the smells sights sensations… accept them all.


it’s another beautiful day on planet earth.





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