in between.

pages turn and chapters end – sometimes with nothing more to mark them than a sense of altered space and time and old new subtle feelings of unease and backstage urges – must do must think must try… but no.  the indistinct and undirected feelings and thoughts are a sure sign of inaccurate striving.  and, something even quieter whispers – just be in this moment.  let the journey unfold silently.  that’s the powerful art of trying to not try.  to stop and hold onto the observation of breath.  soft deep in — and long waves out — this is not a moment for grandiose schemes or power-plays.

this time holds magic in its pure simplicity and quiet reflection without overthink or past replay or jump to future story writing.

to be.  and just to be.  that is the answer.  noble and kind.  no one is keeping score.  this day will pass like all the rest and most likely be lost in time with scant memory traces to mark its passing.  so don’t spend it trying to fill a hole in your soul with action that is born of fear or anxiety or any other misplaced emotion.  just hold your loving attention steady.  and feel.  each breath.  distinct.  there is magic aplenty in this breath.  that breath.  and in stillness and simplicity.  and the swooping soaring easing waves of change.  change.  change.  riding the somatic waves of lower chakra being.  to allow upper to release – and the paths of power through spine and mind will open like a spring flower.  bright yellow – orange – into green.  verdant and vibrant.  on natural bare breath.  with fresh blue water of gentle action.  acceptance of every tiny momentary feeling as you observe the natural ebb and flow of your being without judgement, score or measurement.  and most certainly without trying to change or fix or alter or arrest those troublesome feelings.  not attaching thought story recrimination self-harm hurt or hate – or to cling to the wonders of the feelings and emotions of the bright spark joyful tingles – all temporary too – anicca – as nature just is.

is. is. is.

today is not a day of big.
today is a day of small.
quiet. tender. gentle.

in between the pages.  doors open.  in the cracks.  god unfolds.

breathe in. breathe out.


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