This sensation in your being. That sensation. The next one too. Always on the move.

Waves. Pain. Tingles. Pressure. Sickness. Adrenalin. Vibration. Pulse and fade.

Comfortablediscomfort. Irritated pleasure. Glow. Surge. Warmth.

The angry bees in your brain. The noisy neighbour that begs your attention. The barking dog that grates your soul. The thoughts that clamour for your attention and leave you dizzy. The sickening tingles in your jaw of times past. The watering of your eyes – too much information.


Your tension. Going to fast. Feelings of NEEDING TO CALM DOWN.







All the feels. Every sensation and emotion that arises.

That thing. Yes. That one. Right now.

A gazillion different possibilities – never staying put for long. Temporary. In flux.

Impermanent. Everything. The universe in you. Of you. Around you.

It’s all so very beautiful.

This being alive.

And it seems likely that it won’t be around for as long as you’d like.

What if, as each new wave rolls through, you just breathe and label it… “Beautiful”.

Each and every set of sensations. “Beautiful”.

And how about you don’t judge. Don’t label yourself. Don’t be mean to yourself by scoring how you are feeling, moment by moment.

How about you give yourself a break. YOU are beautiful. Every little thing you feel and hear and know and think and and and and…. it’s such a busy place, being you.

Don’t think of this state as being “What I need right now”. That might be a little too harsh on yourself. Like you’re being asked to take your medicine.

No. Simply breathe and understand that this, whatever it is, right now, is a miracle. Truly a thing of beauty. Once we remove the habitual labelling.

Oh. And let’s not forget the amazing feelings…  they are just “Beautiful” too. To be observed. And not clung to. Not coveted. They’ll just change too.

Because, whatever it is, this too shall pass. Guaranteed.


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