The happy the sad – frustrated and anxious – needy and lost – morph into the glorious sunshine of peace and stability – joy and excitement – hope and loss – you feel them all so much more – incredibly accentuated as you become aware…  of the sensations and of the breath in this moment.

Maybe you react more – maybe less – maybe just the same – no way of knowing how you were before you knew – and how it compares with now – but what you do know is that you are aware of the processes a lot more and that’s uncomfortable when you slip and slide and react and act out against another – or yourself.

(But from awareness can come accountability and then action.)

And what you do know for truth is that your thoughts fuel these processes – the stories you write – the repetitive thoughts that spiral and stir up more uncomfortable energy.

So you make a renewed vow to come to the breath. In and out. To Stay Very Present. And to see how long these feelings last. Interrupting the jump to the thought processes you long to indulge in.

All your pain (well, a lot of it) is caused by your thoughts.

Your breath is the healer and your very best friend.



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