It’s easy.

…to Stay Very Present when everything is just feeling lovely – good and relaxed.

It’s when the next waves start to crash – the thoughts begin to dig and poke – the bodily sensations rise up and grab, burn and flash – that’s when the challenge is much bigger – the stakes higher – the rewards greater.

It’s now that it’s good to remind yourself that:

  • There is no value in replaying the past
  • You have proven that today’s mental OCD material is tomorrow’s chip paper
  • The only viable way to ‘break’ the cycle is to get out from between your ears…
    • less thinking – more focus on the body, the breath, the mantra, the sensations, the actions you are currently undertaking, the words you are listening to, the sights and sounds and smells and and and ANYTHING that pulls the energy away from the conscious mind – to quieten it – to allow the other energetic centres to light up
    • create
    • serve
    • call a friend and REALLY LISTEN
    • chop – clean – polish

And, all the while, with a great deal of gentle love and patience and acceptance of the storm. And the craving of those seeds of thoughts that are shouting in the room next door.

So do Stay Very Present. And your noisy mind may quieten down.

You could even begin to hear god. Whispering through the winds.





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