…are just movie sets – traces – fakery – reimagined and replayed projections.

Most of what you are remembering is the memory, not the event. We just replay and adjust and rememorise our old memories many times.

No matter. Much of it is lovely or neutral.

But the icky stuff, well, you can relax and let it roll through you. It is not real. It has no substance. It’s just a trace – a groove in your mind. A construct of mental paint and plaster.

And, by letting it roll through without reacting to it, without trying to push it away, it softens and weakens.

Conversely, if you squirm and fight, trying to push it away, you strengthen it.

Do Not Think about the yellow car… stop thinking about the YELLOW CAR…

Hmm… that’s not going to work now, is it?

So let the memories come. Whatever they hold. And smile, breathe, soften to the process as they drift through and away. Lessening each time.



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