If in this moment you would never see your love again, which conversations and events would still be important that you replay and wrestle with in your head? 

If everyone you knew would never be able to communicate with you again, which grudges would you still carry with you? What issues would matter? Which irritations would niggle? And how many disputes would you want to recount and try to resolve? Again and again.

If this time now was the last moments you would spend with someone, what would you say? What would you do? What would really matter to you?

These mountains were here long before you and will remain long after you have moved on… what would you have them bear witness to right now? And what wisdom are they to impart to your heart?

Time is long. Life is fleeting.

What might you use this moment to do – to experience – to dwell on – to enjoy?

  • What matters? Really matters? Right now.
  • Is anything of the past worth using up the precious present to replay?
  • Is anything of earlier today or yesterday or days gone by actually worth using this moment to run through again?

What does your breath feel like, right now, as it enters and leaves your body?

If this were soon to be your final hour, where might you direct your attention and in what way – as you play out this journey for one last time?

When the time comes for you to move on how do you want your moments hours days weeks months to be measured?


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