Everything is temporary.
Everything changes.

Good becomes neutral becomes bad becomes something else.
And it keeps on changing.

Nothing you perceive has substance – and it most certainly is not a permanent structure.

No.   Thing.

Even the mountains.
Were not there once.
And once again will vanish.

But, simply knowing this fact doesn’t change how we feel about feeling bad.

For that to happen you’ll have to go a little deeper.

For some there is a method of meditation, call Vipassana, where the practice is to diligently observe the constantly changing sensations in the body. It works by educating the unconscious mind that what you thought was solid is, in fact, simply not. It is effective in gradually removing all sorts of fear and aversion, as well as addressing our propensity to cling and crave.

Perhaps try this… in this moment, wherever you are, simply let your attention come to the sensations on your skin – your hands, your feet, your face – wherever you might be able to notice them. Be intrigued by what you find – without any judgement or labelling. Are these sensations static – or are they in a constant state of change and flux?


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