Every day the same thing happens.

Things get stuck in your head and then they go round and around.

Cyclical and self-limiting.
Self-propelling as they fuel their next iteration.

But it’s clear that the next morning, after a night asleep, that the info is quieter or absent.
And then new info takes its place.
Flaring up at a time of duress or stress or tension or or or…

Your opportunity is to recognise this at source.
To cut it off at the pass.
By coming quickly to breath and sensation – anchored in the heart – not the head

However uncomfy it may seem at the time.

For evidence is showing, day by day, that there is no value in repeating info from the past.
In fact there is damage being caused by doing so.

So, be brave. And exercise your ‘fearless presence’.
Without checking and repeating and attempts at resolution (which NEVER works).

It’s simple addiction.
An old pathway laid down eons ago.
That you are smoothing away, day by day, with presence, breath and compassion.

Smile. It’s a beautiful day.


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