Uncomfortable snapshot.

That feeling. These thoughts. The emotions surging. Hot irritation burning. The mental jabbing of replayed thoughts and images. The desire to dwell in the head. To fuel and feel and roll with it. The war within. The “just gotta resolve this one and everything will be ok and move on” feeling feeling ouch ouch. Screaming inside. (and maybe outside).

You’re not going to fix, resolve, work it all out to a point of comfy acceptance.

Breathe in deep.
Take a mental snapshot of the entirety of this present moment.

Sharp pointy corners cutting into you.
See them? See how it all looks in one go?
What colour / shape?

Hold it.
Breathe some more.

You’re safe.
To drop all the pieces on the floor.
There is no point of resolution to be reached.

Mental resolution is a big fat lie. An ancient defence mechanism. Your conscious reasoning to try and resolve a much deeper world.

See that sharp jagged metal digging into you?
Good. Hold it. Breathe.
It’s a phantom.
Not solid.

Breathe and let go.
No thinking about it.
Just experience it.
And surrender.


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