Good morning.

What do these sensations mean?
What do they want?
What are they saying?

These feelings are nudging me to think in certain ways.
Speak in certain ways.
Act out in certain ways.
Certain emotions are being sparked into life.
Dizzying head – darker waves – repeating information that serves no useful purpose right now.

But, do I have to do as they ask?
Or, can I simply observe them and see how long they last?
Maybe I can simply choose to watch how their pure energetic forms shift and flow… without attaching labels and writing stories around them.

But they’re uncomfortable!  Wah!

Ok. Yes. They are. But, they’re just you. You. You. You.
Your inner child. Your universe. Your everything.
Why judge them so harshly?

Because they’re creepy icky ugly and they want me to think think think.

Of course they do. Because that’s what you have always done. Your defence mechanism to all these sensations was to try and think your way out of them. And that, dear human, did not lead you to peace.

So, for this moment, create a space around them and hold them. Hug them. Coddle and cuddle them. Embrace them. Just quietly. Hold them all in your arms. And softly smile at them. This screaming red-faced child in your arms. So uncomfortable.

Breathe. And hold. And even begin to love the whole universe of sensations that are presenting themselves to you right now.

The whole ugly package that makes up your entire being in this instant.

Hold it all. Smile softly at it all. Allow it all. Accept it all. Surrender to its presence.


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