Today I felt…

the sun on my skin. The wind cool fresh keen. The moon. Bright mist cloud shroud. Sensations body alive. Steps. Sitting. Redrock cathedral. No snakes. They’re sleeping. Body taut breakfast waves of intense repetitive urge. Let it go. Write it out. Ride it out. Hold this rock. Tight stomach friend. Truth of present grasp. No need. No need. Intense desire to repeat. But no need to do that is there is there is there. Gotta relax release face up to this dark wall screams. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life. Every day. Feel it. No good. No bad. Journey understood. Wait. Nothing’s happening. Nothing’s coming in or out. Good. This moment. Roots. I love your roots. Your branches are so pretty too. But it’s your underground world I feel deep earth dive into your heart. Every moment deeper. Run! Puppy run. Scamper free you lead I’ll hold the lead. Home. My love. Coffee?


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