Take a deep long slow breath, in through your nose. Hold for a moment. And release.

*and repeat*

Let your mind become quieter.


Bring your attention to the sensations feelings flow knots tingles heat cold pressure pain buzz lightness ice fire deadness itch pulse lift waves in your body.

See if you can observe them objectively, without reacting negatively or positively.

  • Is there ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ going on… or is it all just stuff?
  • How do these sensations change as you observe them?
  • How do these sensations trigger your feelings – emotions – thoughts – actions?

To observe the sensations without reacting to them becomes a way to take more control of (and responsibility for) the thought processes and actions that make up each moment.

BOSS LEVEL: To find peaceful ‘pleasure’ in the conscious observation of those sensations that you previously labelled as uncomfortable. (Such as the hot pinpricks on the skin that herald anger, jealousy, rage, ocd etc.) And to find ‘joy’ in this process of observation as you know, deep down, it is liberating you from the shackles of unconscious thinking.


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