The bodily sensations that urge OCD, that clamour to be met with repetitive thought, are misdirecting you. Away from the truth of those sensations and the isness of now. Through fear and discomfort at the sensations, the old way of operating clicks in.

Quick! Think! Repeat!
…but the discomfort and panic is not subsiding

But we ARE distracted. Yes. Think! Repeat more! Don’t feel that icky field of somatic mayhem.
…ah. Now I see.

These sensations are not an invitation to think.
They are an invitation into the present moment.
Raw and untamed. Unlabelled.
Not to be clouded by logic or attempts at resolution.

Dive deeper.

Into the core where yes and no and right and wrong and good and bad and dark and light don’t even exist.

Yes. You may label the sensations.
But see if this is useful. Or even ever true.

Stay with the heart.

I see now that this flare up is actually an invitation to integrate.
Accept. Embrace. Hold quietly. Like the screaming child. All it desires is to be held.

Simply hold. Breathe. And allow this very alive fire to be. Simply be.
However discomforting and disquieting it may be.

For it’s these challenges that will teach. And advance. And heal. And release. And allow fresh energy to accumulate and flow out.

To help and heal.
This universe and far, far beyond.

I see now. The feelings that challenge the most. Which feel the darkest. Are actually the harbingers of the greatest light. They arise as they long to be loved. Held. Integrated. Healed. Not pushed away. Not distracted from. By thought or activity or consumption of some kind.

No. It is these firey messengers that should actually be cause for celebration.
For you are ready. To embrace. To release. To be. To heal.

When it feels the worst. Rejoice! For this is the best of the path. The process. It’s the fast track.
It’s what you desired. Asked for. Sought. It’s the big stuff. The power play. The A-game. So bring it. With silence. Careful holding. And simple presence.

Don’t miss out.
Don’t waste the opportunity.
Observe its raw form.
Before it morphs or passes away.
Or cuts deeper.

Sometimes all you can do is breathe.

And then maybe allow the hint of a gentle smile to play on your lips. As you know this feeling will not last.


But also because you know it means you no harm.
It just longs for your loving care and attention.

The big stuff is here.  Hallelujah.

Hold still.
Be kind.


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